Air-Powered Scooters

EcoMoto Motorbike

There are all sorts of ways to make motorcycles more environmentally friendly and the EcoMoto Motorbike explores one of these imaginative solutions. The technologies of Biofuel and… solar panels are not integrated into the operation and design of this green scooter, but rather the idea of using compressed air to generate power was employed.Based on the potential behind the EngineAir Australia invention, this two-wheeler can get you from A to B without your own exertion. Its various parts are left exposed for an exciting look, and housed lightly in eco-friendly bamboo panels that reinforce the earth-minded considerations that went into the development of the EcoMoto Motorbike. Darby Bicheno’s little vehicle is quick, slick, sustainable and incredibly convenient as a conveyance.

EcoMoto Motorbike

EcoMoto Motorbike


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