Defiantly Eco Chalkboard Mugs

chalkboard mugs

The ‘I Am Not a Paper Cup’ ceramic chalkboard mug takes pride in its eco-friendliness. The reusable travel mug is equipped with a chalkboard surface so you can… let everyone on your morning commute know that you’re being eco-friendly — and that you take your coffee black with two sugars. Really, you can use the mug to say anything your heart desires without actually uttering a word. If you’re not a morning person, you can caution the Chatty Cathy’s in your office not to talk to you before you’ve gotten every last drop of Java. The 12 oz ceramic chalkboard mug is made from double-walled porcelain, giving it the ability to carry hot and cold liquids. If you or any of your friends want to go green, consider this mug as a first step.


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