Upcycled Bike Tire Belts

recycled tire belt


This recycled tire belt tutorial turns tired-looking bike parts into shiny new accessories. What’s even better about this tutorial is that… two belts can be crafted from a single bike tire, which gives a tire even more mileage.Bicycle tires are difficult to recycle, but this upcycled craft hardly takes any time or materials to repurpose. The Recycle Lovers tutorial requires an old belt buckle, a tire, a pair of scissors and a screwdriver.After a bit of tire disassembly, the length of tire can be cut down into shape, which isn’t too far off from how they already look. Since there are a number of different tread patterns, there are endless options for how this tutorial will turn out when it is made over and over again.

recycled tire belt

recycled tire belt





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