Eco Recycling Showers

OrbSys Shower

Conserving water could become as easy as turning on the shower if the OrbSys Shower ever becomes widely available. This shower was …created by Oribital Systems, a Swedish company that has designed a space-age shower for Earth. The company says its shower can consume only five liters of water over the course of a five-minute shower. This is in stark contrast to the average amount of 150 liters. So, how does it work? The OrbSys Shower recovers the water that washes off your body, purifies it and then shoots it back out. Essentially, you’re showering in the same set of water throughout, but doing this reportedly saves up to 90 percent of the water you would use and 80 percent of the energy. Not much is known about the OrbSys Shower, but an idea this good shouldn’t be able to stay under wraps for long.


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