Sustainable Designer Gift Wrap

vivienne westwood climate change

Lush’s Vivienne Westwood climate change knot wraps were designed exclusively for the cosmetics company, representative of the efforts from both parties in the… fight against climate change. Lush is known for its rejection of traditional cosmetic packaging in favor of sustainable alternatives. The Knot-Wraps designed by Vivienne Westwood are a fantastic alternative to using wrapping paper this season. Wrapping a gift in one of these fabrics gives in more ways than one; in addition to being great for the environment, it’s like you’re giving someone two gifts in one, since the Knot-Wrap itself is a gift in itself that you won’t want to throw away. All of the profits from sales of the Lush’s Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps will go towards the Climate Revolution Fund, which will grant funds to organizations, individuals and groups devoted to joining the fight against climate change.

vivienne westwood climate change


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