Upcycled Pallet Craft Guides

 recycle wooden pallets

This infographic by Terry’s Fabrics provides the ultimate guide on how to recycle wooden pallets and turn them into usable pieces of furniture or decor for the home…

The ‘Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets’ breaks down different pallet types and where to find them. In addition to being easy to work with and versatile, pallets are in abundance and you can likely even find free ones to make these upcycled projects with. The graphic provides a number of DIY projects for all rooms of the home, from hallways to home offices and even the garden. For the extra ambitious, Terry’s Fabrics has even included some inspiring images of houses that people have made out of upcycled pallets. After mastering a few of the simpler recycled pallet projects, these ambitious projects are definitely something to work up to.

 recycle wooden pallets

 recycle wooden pallets

 recycle wooden pallets



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