Vegetable-Powered Christmas Trees

eco christmas tree

There are thousands of Christmas trees now lighting up the world at this time of year, but none are quite as unique or sustainable as this eco-Christmas tree…

It’s estimated that about 68% of kids in the UK hate eating Brussels sprouts and this hate for sprouts spreads world-wide, with probably even greater numbers than this in the US. Since about 2/3 of kids wish they didn’t have to eat Brussels sprouts, The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair got together a group of Year 7 students from the City of London Academy to find a more practical use for the green vegetable. The groups created the ‘Sprout Battery’ and the first Brussels sprout-powered Christmas tree, using 1000 sprouts to light up 100 LEDs on a tree. As well as being a great science project, looking at the illuminated fairy lights on the tree is a much better alternative to staring down Brussels sprouts on a plate.

eco christmas tree

eco christmas tree

eco christmas tree


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