Upcycled Coconut Planters

Coconut Planters


If you’re looking to add some creative island charm to your interior decor, then these DIY coconut planters will offer up… some creative ways to infuse tropical themes and greenery into your home.Coconuts are often associated with tropical settings and lush environments, and by infusing those iconic elements into your interior setting, you can easily translate that vacation atmosphere into any room of your home. Allowing crafty individuals to transform a hollowed out coconut into a practical planter design, this DIY activity showcases how a simple container or discarded product can easily transform into a brand new decor item. Featured on the blog ‘Poppytalk,’ these DIY coconut planters are fun and playful ways to infuse some tropical sentiments into your interior space.


Coconut Planters

Coconut Planters

Coconut Planters




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