Ecosystem Hybrid Structures

national ecology center

Designed by Grimshaw Architects along with S.A.M.O.O. Architects and Engineers, the National Ecology Center in Seocheon…South Korea houses 35,000 square feet of greenhouses that will imitate the world’s diverse ecosystems. The center is called the Ecorium. The newly built educational and research center (also South Korea’s largest ecological center) will allow visitors to experience the entire world’s ecosystems just in one space.

The concept of the project stems from an oxbow lake, a meandering body of water created by erosion. The center will have five biomes or ecosystems, flora and fauna from different climatic zones, a cloud forest, cool temperates, Antarctic, tropical rainforest and dry tropics. Grimshaw Architects on the ecological center says, “the Ecorium is completely unique in its physical form and design characteristics and a model of efficient green design in operation. Steel arches delineate the ridgeline of each biome enclosure, supporting a lightweight glazing system to maximize the internal daylight level. This practice promotes vigorous plant growth and eliminates the need for supplemental electrical lighting.”

national ecology center

national ecology center


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