Sustainable Reduced Shoeboxes

Omni Clip

Reflect upon the last pair of shoes that you bought and think about how they were packaged. Certainly unlike the Omni Clip, the standard method for shipping and selling all sorts of footwear involves the use of a… paper-based shoe box. Occasionally, the carton is also filled with tissue, cardboard and other packing.Jung Jun Hwang and Young Joo Tak present their A’Design Award winning concept that’s a much more eco-friendly alternative. Using less than 10% of the material you’re used to seeing, this contraption is produced with 100% recycled PETG to form a hanger. The stiffened shape of the hooked holder has over a dozen bends that keep each sneaker or high heel securely in place. The Omni Clip is great for displaying in-store and carrying your purchase home without a bag.

Omni Clip

Omni Clip

Omni Clip


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