Wood Block Brewers

Canadiano Coffee Maker

Sometimes it seems as though popular design has split into two divergent tracks, impressing consumers with either cutting-edge capabilities or rudimentary charm… The Canadiano Coffee Maker undoubtedly falls into that second category, offering one the means to make a cup of Joe with just a simple wooden apparatus.Mani Mani of Canada designed this minimalist product and Fishtnk Design Factory manufactures it. Each item comes in a natural wood grain finish with a protective coating, exuding the beautiful color an textural qualities of the cherry, walnut or maple timber.A large circular hole has been cut into one side, narrowing into a small cluster of 16 tiny perforations. Set the Canadiano Coffee Maker on top of a coffee cup and filter your ground coffee beans right into your mug.

Canadiano Coffee Maker

Canadiano Coffee Maker

Canadiano Coffee Maker



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